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For Publishers and Circulation Directors:

Do you want to grow circulation?

Our firm has been in the circulation-building business for over 40 years. We are the gold standard in NIE sales promotions. We offer a comprehensive package that presents you with a no-risk opportunity for your NIE program to grow, along with your circulation numbers. We can give you the numbers where you need them the most. Research shows exposure to newspapers in the classroom leads to regular adult newspaper readers, so it’s an investment in your future as well. Our NIE fundraising program offers the lowest cost per increase in the circulation building industry.

Our services are simple and effective. We charge no set up fee, and we collect an average of 95% of the funds in advance, generating a positive cash flow. Our trained professionals are effective at securing support from smaller businesses so that you end up with a large sponsorship base for renewals and future NIE campaigns.


Once an agreement is initiated between your newspaper(s) and our firm, we will provide an area sales and collection manager, at our expense, to initiate the sales effort for your market. We hire, train, supervise, and pay a local sales and collection force. Businesses will be offered different sponsorship levels that will fit their financial circumstances. Eighty (80%) of our gross sales will be for the entire school year (36 weeks). The balance will be for 18 weeks (1/2 school year) or from merchants who will sponsor more than one school or classroom. We offer multiple classroom sponsorship opportunities as well as full and half-year levels.

When a sponsorship is secured, we collect payment. Less than 5% of our pledges are billed out by the newspaper. On a weekly basis, we will provide you with a list of sponsors for your NIE program, along with payments, and invoice your newspaper for sponsorships sold. At no time will you have to pay any of our expenses. We pay all sales and collection people, including our area manager’s daily per diem. The up front, collected-in-advance revenue generated by the campaign will provide a positive cash flow that will more than pay our commission invoice each week.

After watching newspaper readership erode over the years, we believe that programs such as NIE can begin to reverse that trend. Our NIE sales efforts help to do just that. They’ve proven to be resounding successes for newspapers across the country. Take a look at our list of references and see for yourself – we generate revenue. We also leave you with a database of sponsors from which you can draw funding for your NIE program each succeeding year.

We’re not asking you to take a chance with your NIE program, your circulation numbers, or our company. We have proven results and we will raise your average circulation rate, pay for ourselves, and give your NIE program the funding it needs.

Please look over our references, make a few phone calls and check us out.


Mel Childers

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